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  1. artl7 says:

    Thanks for your excellent work chronicling Shepherd’s life and work. Here’s my online aggregation of some audio and web resources to hear him:

  2. pq ribber says:

    Thanks for everything, really. I am part of a small internet network, inspired by Shep, the Overnightscape Underground, where we do our best to perpetuate Shep and his works. Some time, would love to have you do a segment or twenty for us! Am especially enjoying the Leigh Brown piece you are currently posting.

  3. Dennis M Gallagher says:

    Hello Eugene,I wanted to write to you and give you an”atta boy”on your Shepquest.I look forward to each new writing and look forward to the next one immediately when I’m done reading.I just wanted to be a voice from out in the internet that acknowledges your fine work…..Dennis

  4. Hello. I enjoyed reading through your blog, and wonder if you know of a recording of the Hutton’s Ad Lib radio piece you referenced? My grandmother owned that restaurant (it was on 47th and Madison, by the way), and I’d be curious to hear Shep’s piece of the same name. Thank you! Sarah

    • ebbergmann says:

      I don’t know of any recording as I’d just been given info of such a radio broadcast. I’ve very grateful to find exactly where Hudson’s AD LIB was, as my drawing of Shepherd’s has been something I’ve wondered about for years. Please let me know if you know if anything else about the restaurant and about Jean Shepherd having visited it.

  5. Joe Hedio says:

    Dear Mr. Bergman: I enjoyed reading your Shep book, as well as your blog. My first exposure to Shep was through his Car & Driver columns in the early 70s when I was a lad. I wasn’t fully aware of the extent of his career until just after he died. I’ve been enjoying listening to his shows & reading his stories ever since. The reason for this message is to give you the following link to a part of the Internet Archive that has a number of vintage baseball radio broadcasts from 1933-1973, including White Sox games from 1936 & 1937. This is a link to a game against the Red Sox (my team) from July 31, 1936:

    [audio src="" /]

    It’s rather interesting to listening to this game knowing that Shep probably listened to this very game, as well as hearing about “Banana Nose”, Mike Creevich, Jimmy Dykes & the other White Sox players that Shep talked about.

    • ebbergmann says:

      Thank you for you comments, Joe, and thanks for the baseball link. I assume that in addition to my EXCELSIOR, YOU FATHEAD! book, you’re also aware of my book, SHEP’S ARMY, that has dozens of his army stories transcribed and commented upon by me.

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