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JEAN SHEPHERD–BOBBLEHEAD unveiled! Part 2 of 2

Jean Shepherd Bobblehead!

Does Mark Twain have a bobblehead? Does George Ade have a bobblehead? Does Mort Sahl have a bobblehead? Only the truly great should have bobbleheads. Like George Washington and Derek Jeter. And Jean Shepherd.

This magnificent bobblehead will stand as a focal point in my SHEP SHRINE. In the shrine he will star and he will glow, he will be in the spotlight.


With his magnificent cleft in his chin (coincidentally, I have one also, but it’s hidden by my magnificent white beard). Most of us never knew about the super spandex undergarment hidden by the deceptively, unprepossessing, white shirt.

Bobbling, he represents the early Shep, where he smiles out at us from the front of his first comedy album, “Jean Shepherd and Other Foibles,” created way back in 1959.

foibles album

So I present to you the unique, plastic, 6.5″ high,

Jean Shepherd’s true,

self-exposed self:

Clark Kent–


J E A N   S H E P H E R D !

bobble.Shep. yes_resized (2)

A rarer,

more overwhelming sight,

I never expect to see.





Presidents get bobbleheads, sports figures get bobbleheads–baseball, even hockey players I never heard of get bobbleheads. Checking on ebay, I noted 76, 799 bobblehead listings. (many, I know, are repeats.) For example, of Brooklyn Dodgers’ Pee Wee Reese rolling wheelchair-bound catcher Roy Campanella out for his “Night,” there were 28. Yes, Queen Elizabeth 2 has one. There have been a couple of A Christmas Story character bobbleheads.

ted bobble

Even ted

gets a bobblehead.

Somehow, Harvey Pekar, the creator of the strange and serious and really good-but-little-known comic (graphic novel) American Splendor, gets a bobblehead.

I gather that Pekar got his as part of the opening-night publicity for the movie about him, American Splendor, starring Paul Giamatti. I encountered one on ebay and it now stands in front of my American Splendor graphic novel collection. What must Pekar have thought when he got his? Amused? Proud? Splendid? Totally Unnerved? Did he smile and chuckle silently to himself, saying “How ridiculous!” ?

Pekar full lighter0002

I have often said to myself (ironically and also seriously)

–and even out loud–

in the hearing of my darling wife, Allison,

that I won’t be satisfied until


has his own bobblehead.

Then I will know that he has really made it.

(Alongside Harvey Pekar and ted.)

He will have become a Great American Celebrity!

shep bobblehead

Jean P. Shepherd Bobblehead–

a phony paste-up job in my  dreams.

This Christmas, December 25, 2015 A.D., Santa (through his assistant, Allison), came through for me (in a series of emails and preliminary photos of the work in process, and finally USPS Priority Mail), I now possess what is undoubtedly the only-in-the-world

Jean Shepherd Bobblehead!

Recently arrived from a great bobblehead-conjuring-entity in the sky.

(Stay tuned for the grand unveiling.)