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Starting in the late 1950s, Jean Shepherd, Lois Nettleton, and

Shel Silverstein were close friends.

Of course, we know that Shel drew the text and illustrations for the program notes for Shepherd’s theater piece, LOOK, CHARLIE. I’ve reproduced the entire program previously from my copy (of the 2 for sale) that I bought on ebay.  The pieces on this post were sold on ebay from Lois’ collection. They relate to LOOK, CHARLIE and to the play she was in  from 2/26/59-3/7/59, GOD AND KATE MURPHY. (this info from ebay description).

The written note from Shel congratulates Lois on the Kate Murphy play, and the references to the large vase he drew is a reference to what Lois apparently carried in LOOK, CHARLIE.

For reference to the vase, I reproduce below the front of the LOOK, CHARLIE

program, and the interior section that describes Lois.

On the cover, Lois is carrying the vase in front of the

misspelled word CHARLIE.

(When the misspelling was noted, instead of redoing the entire front,

Shel added the two cartoon characters on lower left

bringing in the required A.)

A puzzlement– was Lois’ favorite singer really Perry Como?

Or was this just Shel being funny?




  1. Anonymous says:

    Shel was so clever.

  2. mygingerpig says:

    Shel was so clever. I wonder if Jean was Jealous of her closeness with Shel?

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