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Here are a few articles and photos regarding Shepherd engaged in the performing arts other than his radio monologs.

Regarding the acting image, Lois Nettleton had commented that she and Shep had helped each other in their acting careers–rehearsing lines, putting on makeup, etc. She’d also commented that he had trouble remembering his lines–his forte was not speaking stuff others had written, but doing his own material.

The images include the explanatory text on the ebay sale page for each item. Unfortunately, the image captured on my computer doesn’t clearly show the text. Remember to click on image to enlarge (In hopes of being able to read a bit!).

The jazz magazine articles show how involved Shep was in the contemporary jazz scene in his early New York days. He once mentioned on his show that he was to MC a jazz show in Central Park, featuring Billie Holiday. I attended. 





  1. Tom says:

    You’ve got a wonderful collection Gene. Thanks for sharing it with other followers. Shep has been off the air for some 40 years now so I’m sure the fan base has dwindled considerably and the page hits continue to shrink, but those of us still around appreciate what you do.

    • ebbergmann says:

      Thanks, Tom. Note that most of what I’ve recently been posting are from my loose leaf book screen captures of LOIS NETTLETON’S collection. Indeed I do have a lot of my own stuff about and by Shep, some bought from that collection.

  2. Could that photo taken by a Bucks County photographer be from “Destry rides again” which played at Lambertville? I seem to remember the plaid suit…(note: seem…)

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