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All of Shepherd’s drawings that I know of from Lois Nettleton’s collection seem to  have been done with pen and ink–the kind  of pen that produces a fixed width of line.  Jim Clavin’s page of Shep drawings includes quotes from the New York Post article of June 3, 1962, from which I excerpt:

“Artists miss the point by spending time on people’s faces,” mused the radio-TV humorist and raconteur the other day. “Faces haven’t changed in years! A telephone reflects 20th century man much more than his face does.”

Shepherd clutches a German-made pen with a tip like a hypodermic needle….”

I believe the pen referred to is the same kind and popular brand I used during my exhibit design years, a Rapidograph.

The first drawing here is one I bought on ebay. I especially like it because it is of a restaurant named “Ad Lib,” which Shep probably visited, especially because of  the name’s reference to improvisation. The drawing of buildings including the one with the onion-domed towers is most probably from a trip Shepherd took to Munich.

(More of Lois Nettleton’s Shep materials to come.)



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