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One of the two copies Lois had of programs of Look, Charlie,

Shep’s theater piece staring himself, Lois, Shel Silverstein,

Herb Gardner and others. I bought the much cheaper one for sale. (It has a brown

stain on the cover, probably caused by being stored against newsprint.)

We all know that Shep appears as the motorcyclist riding up the K

and Shel is sitting atop the angled like of the K, right?

It’s said that good friend Shel, who drew the several-page program, worked very fast and sometimes forgot stuff. Here, it’s said, that having forgotten the A in Charlie, instead of redrawing the whole cover, he added, on the left, the A being moved to install in its intended place.


Lois had preserved letters and postcards she and Jean had sent each other from faraway places, as early as 1957. Here’s part of one I have from Lois to Jean.




  1. Tony Chopkoski says:

    Thank you for these interesting tidbits on Shep’s lifestyle! But the letter is from ’57…by ’63 or so he was with Leigh Brown, another hot tub romance over.

    BTW, do you have a copy of the play?

    • ebbergmann says:

      The play I wrote for radio is exactly the play I’v posted on this site, so you can copy/paste it and have exactly what I have.

      • Tony Chopkoski says:

        I’ve been reading that and you are close to the core of Shep, but I meant the one he was putting on…if it exists. Thanks again!

      • ebbergmann says:

        I don’t know of any (or have forgotten about) any Shep radio play. My one-hour theatrical play (two glorious performances) I’ll be posting in many parts a bit later down the road.

  2. Tony Chopkoski says:

    Oh, and as for the “A” supposedly forgotten by Shel…ah, I know a bit about his work and he has used the missing unit of whatever at other times…maybe the story of the forgotten A is a…canard.. Pratfalls all over again…

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