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JEAN SHEPHERD radio play continued


The underlined portion of this radio play is a direct quote from Shepherd on the air.

SHEPHERD         (His voice is slow, knowing, irony-tinged) Have you ever thought that you were in a play—maybe a short radio play and you have no idea if there’s anyone out there listening, ‘cause all you see is your microphone in front of you and you’re in your lonely studio and there’s a guy behind the glass pushing buttons.  Stay tuned, friends.  You’re out there, aren’t you?  And, of course, you are my friends, right?  I’ve only got a few free moments, friends.  I’m waiting for a call with the biggest deal in my career.  Ah, the thrill of anticipation!  Even bigger fame about to jingle-jangle itself from this black, plastic, antediluvian, land-line gadget they call a phone.

(Music fades out) 

Yes—Excelsior!   Stay tuned.  We’ll be here for a few minutes pursuing what mankind has always pursued.  Now that, of course, has been the problem that many of us have pondered back and forth—this business of what mankind has always pursued. We’ve gone through all the surface things.  And you’re out there in radioland listening to the radio.  We can only extend our hand in quiet, sympathetic good will to you. Here we sit.  I’m here and you’re there.  I’m in studioland.

     And you’re out there in radioland, where things are lush and green, where things grow—out there where people do things—like send in box tops, answer questions, write letters of protest.  You’re out there in radioland—the real world.  The real world.  Ever occurred to you that what you have out there is real?  What we have here is  like a dream.  But you gotta cling to something.  To dreams—belief or two.  Jean Cocteau said, “Destroy the dream, you destroy the man.” 



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