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JEAN SHEPHERD more kid stories background


Note that titles sometimes vary, depending on who originally named the specific audio, based on what seemed to be the major topic of the show in question, or the taste-in-titling of the recorder regarding subject matter.   In some cases, because the original audio’s title did not apply to the segment containing the story in question, or because I preferred something different I created my own title.

Most of the dates are consistent as given from format to format, although a few vary.  For example, although most are dated by the original person who recorded it when it was broadcast live from WOR in New York, some seem to have been recorded and thus dated, from a rebroadcast at a later date. Over the years, a few dates have been altered based on newly discovered information that corrects earlier assumed dates.

In two instances in this book, two stories have the same date: the tuba story and the public speaking story of April 9, 1965; and the two steel mill stories of January 18, 1973.  He seldom told more than one story on a broadcast, and despite the common misconception, neither did he tell a story on most of his programs—it only seems that way in retrospect because, I believe, mixed in with his shorter commentaries and many other pieces of humorous business, the stories tend to stick better in the memory.

More later, dude.



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