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JEAN SHEPHERD Bugatti story ending


I wish some really serious biographer, instead of an automobile cuckoo—would do the life and times of Ettore Bugatti, because he is such a symbolic figure.  Such a fantastic figure and it would take somebody who is a really top biographer who would deal with Bugatti the way you would deal with, say, a Picasso—and incidentally, he is very much in the same league.  He is in the same league.  Don’t you forget it.  So I would say that a thousand years from now Bugattis will be in museums the way Picasso paintings are.  And for the same reason.  For their artistic values.





  1. There is a 1959 bio by a W F Bradley…on Amazon…$182.05…then there are some in the $50 range but they appear to be of automotive nature…and the art books on him go up to $1000. The definitive bio? I don’t know…

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