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JEAN SHEPHERD Kid escargot story continued


And she said “Oh, don’t bother to dress, or anything like that, you know.”

I said, “Yeah, fine.” I didn’t realize the import of this at the time—“Don’t bother to dress.”  So, that night I put on my J. C. Penny sport coat and I put on my Sears Roebuck pants and I had on my new shirt. You know, the one with the pearl buttons that light up. And I have on my tie that my Aunt Glen gave me for graduation from high school, and so I went walking down towards this place.

As I walked, the houses got bigger and bigger, and the lawns got broader and broader. You knew you were really in the big time when the house was so far back on the lawn that you just saw nothing but trees and this winding driveway.  They had white pillars in front of the door and they had this big brass knocker that you just go bonk! Bonk! And it was shaped like a lion. You grabbed this thing, you dropped it—clunk! Clunk!

This guy comes and opens the door. And I say, “I was invited to dinner.”

“Of course, come right in.” And in I go!

He says, “Shall I take your hat?” My hat! “Your coat, please.” If he takes my coat I’ll have nothing.

So I say, “No, that’s all right.”

I follow him, and now I’m in this room. These people are all standing around. There are about maybe fifteen or twenty people, and here is Nancy and her sister, Dolores, but Nancy is something else, man. So here’s Nancy, and she says, “Oh, Jean! How wonderful you could come!” And so, she comes running over and she kisses me!  See, this was not in my strata of society. One doesn’t do these things, you know. This whole idea of just running up and kissing somebody—we had to have a big thing like a game of post office or something—to pull that one off.

So she comes right over and she kisses—“Oh! How good of you to come!” And she kisses me.




  1. mygingerpig says:

    This story resonated with me like no other of his. What a great way to show him growing up and out of the orbit of his kid life into a world he never knew existed. He said he could never “go home” again knowing there was a world “out there” to explore.

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