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JEAN SHEPHERD–Bolis almost at the end & (162) ARTSY A Horse’s Legs


I say, “Yeah.”  I’m standing here with my baseball glove and I’ve got a baseball with tape on it.  Which is even more embarrassing.  I didn’t bring my Sunday baseball, the one without the tape.  My tennis shoes, my sweatshirt that says Bluebird Tavern number 12, I’ve got my White Sox cap on sideways.

Bolis says, “Would you care to have a glass of wine?”

Wine!  What is this?! I’m still vaguely deciding whether Nehi Orange is or is not better than Ovaltine.

“Would you care to have a glass of wine?  Sit down.”

So the four of us sit very stiffly.  Mrs. Rutkowski, Stella, Bolis, and me at the kitchen table, and all the while I can see the people having this party.  I can see a long table with turkeys and stuff all over.

Bolis turns to me and says, “I’m glad you came over tonight, Shep.  I’m very pleased.  This is a very important moment of my life, and this is the night that I met Stella, and we’re pleased that you’re coming to our wedding.”

This is the night he met Stella!  They’re gonna get married!  I lean over to Bolis while Stella and his mother are talking in Polish.  I whisper, “Bolis, what’s this all about?”

He nudges me.  Five minutes later, Stella and Mrs. Rutkowski go out to the guests, and there’s only me and Bolis in the kitchen.

I said, “Bo, what is this about?”




Among recent New York Times photos that seem to be more eye-catching, quirky, and dramatic than they used to be, is the recent front page image of the Saturday sports section. It’s a photo of (part of) the Preakness favorite, Justify, the article describing the potential problem with a leg. For me, the 10” X 10” image, is a very good and clever way to graphically make an attention-catching statement—nothing but four legs in the air going over a watery place on a practice course. What an extraordinary picture!



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