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JEAN SHEPHERD– scragging and Bolis what?!


“Hey, Schwartz, how are you doing, Schwartz?”

He says nothing.

“Hey, what’s up, Schwartz?”

Now we are within speaking distance and Schwartz says, “Did you hear about Bolis?”

“About Bolis?  What do you mean about Bolis?”

He says, “Didn’t you hear?”

I say, “No.”  Immediately I say, “What happened?  What happened?”  Nothing ever happened in our world.  Not really.  But Schwartz has a white face.  There is something different this time.  Something serious.

He says, “You mean you didn’t hear about Bolis?”

I say, “No, what happened?”  What happened, Schwartz?”

“Bolis is getting married.”

I say, “Bolis is what?!”

“Bolis is getting married!  Shep, Bolis is getting married.  Married!”

“You mean like grownups, like my old man?”

He says, “Yeah.  He’s getting married.”

Then, of course, the next obvious question.  I say, “Who?  Who, Schwartz?”

And Schwartz sort of tilts back and rocks on his Keds for a minute.  “I don’t know.”

I say, “You don’t know—who he’s marrying?  Who told you he’s getting married?”

Then comes the crusher.  “Bolis.”



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