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JEAN SHEPHERD Kid Stories– End of first dating story.


Okay, ya got the picture.  Alright, I’m this kid, see, and the sap is flowing.  And I’ve already got the sense of guilt that all fourteen-year-old kids have got.  Guilt about all kinds of things.  Terrible thoughts that would go through my head.

I’ll never forget one time when Esther Jane Albery went up to the front of the history class.  She had on a flowered dress and she was silhouetted against the light.  Incredible.  I have never lost my wonder about it either.  I don’t think most men ever do.  It was unbelievable.  Right out of my head an awful thing suddenly popped out, it had twenty-six legs, had a big black moustache, and was chewing tobacco.  This thing, this thought, came out, spilling all over the place.  It was the first time a thought like that went through my head, and I swatted at it like a fly.

I was flabbergasted—we were studying Richard the Lionhearted and all of a sudden I was looking at Esther Jane Albery in a way I’d never looked at her before!  Oh!  Whew!  It was spring.

More dating stories to come



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