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JEAN SHEPHERD–A Christmas Story again!


The 1983 movie is still, by far, my favorite, and I gather that most others feel the same. Here’s the opening part of the New York Times 12/18/17 review of the TV musical version shown 12/17/17:

From left, Maya Rudolph, Andy Walken, Tyler Wladis and Chris Diamantopoulos in Fox’s “A Christmas Story Live.” Credit Jordin Althaus/ FOX

Judging by last year’s “Grease” telecast and this year’s “A Christmas Story,” the Fox network seems to like everything about live television except the “live” part. A game cast, lively score and sturdy source material made Fox’s big holiday spectacular “A Christmas Story Live!” a pleasant enough way to pass a mid-December Sunday evening. But the presentation throughout was a letdown — like getting pink bunny pajamas for Christmas instead of a Red Ryder BB gun.

Director Bob Clark’s original 1983 movie followed a winding path toward becoming a yuletide staple. Based on the radio monologist Jean Shepherd’s stories of growing up in a small town outside Chicago in the 1930s, “A Christmas Story” disappeared from theaters quickly, only to find an audience on TV for its honest, funny take on how children process holiday stress.

I did enjoy the Broadway version when it opened on 11/19/2012. I think they did a good job:

Poster on the Side of the Lunt Fontanne Theatre

With Dan Lauria as Shepherd





  1. Well, it had Shep’s backbone, but the some songs were “off bone”, so to speak….

  2. Stu Tarlowe says:

    Heck, you saw what they did (in the “live” version) to kowtow to political correctness, e.g., dumping the classic Chinese restaurant “Fa-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra” gag and then alluding to it to heavy-handedly inject guilt over harboring ethnic stereotypes: “That’s not what we were expecting!” “Oh? What were you expecting?”
    Sheesh, we’re lucky they didn’t make Ralphie’s family bi-racial or one of the kids a transgender. But wait until the next version!

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