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JEAN SHEPHERD Steel Mill Legend & (141b) ARTSY-Barcelona and Gaudi


The next morning I am all dressed up.  I’ve got my new corduroy jacket that I got at Sears.  I’ll be working in the office, see.  I got myself a nice shirt and I got me one of those clip-on ties that they wear in the mill.  And I don’t even have to wear safety shoes there.  In the mill it’s considered a real status symbol if you got a job that you don’t have to wear safety shoes for.  That means that you’re moving up the ladder.

I show up at five minutes to eight and all the chicks are coming to work in their blue uniforms.  I see Sophie over there and I see Helen.  “How are you, Sophie?”  And she gives me the eye.  She’s not used to seeing me here at this hour.  I used to come running through with the mail.  I casually walk over.  “Hey, Sophie.”

She says, “Yea, what?”

“Sophie, I’m working here.”

“Here?  What are you doing?”

“I don’t know.  I’m working here.”  Mr. Gotch’s assistant.  I’m working in the tin mill assorting office!

She says, “Ohhh.  See ya later.”  She takes that big glove and flips a big piece of tin in my face.

I walk into the office and there’s Chester.  This time he does not say, “What do ya got for me today?”  He just looks up and says, “You’re two minutes late.”

“I was just out talking to Sophie.”

“You mean the big broad down there on number twelve?”

I say, “Yeah.”

“She’s alright!  You ready to go?”  With that he turns around and looks over at Herman, the guy sitting in the back.  “Hey, Herman.  How do you think he’s gonna do?”

Herman says, “We’ll see!”

Gotch says, “Alright, your stuff is at the bottom of the file cabinet over there.”

I say, “What stuff?”

“You just open it up.  I’ll tell you what to do.”

I figure I’m going to have a desk like the other guys in the office, a telephone, a desk with a little nameplate on it.  Mail’s going to come to me.  You always have these dreams of glory.  I walk over and open the bottom of the file cabinet.  There’s a whole pile of stuff in there.  “What’s this stuff?”

He says, “Get those things out of there.”

I reach in and I can’t believe what I get.  There’s about fifteen big rat traps.  “You mean these rat traps, Chuck?”

“Yeah, bring ‘em out.”



Colonia Guell Crypt

The designs of angled columns, which people might think was a wild and ill-thought-out feature similar to those of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, and columns in the Park Guell, are all actually the fruits of Gaudi’s design based on carefully-worked-out angles based on engineering developed by him. He built large models with cords and weights based on the stresses of these constructions, then took photos of these and turned them upside down to incorporate the accurate physics of angles and stresses for his columns. The upper part with its spires was never built.

Photo of Model Showing Stresses for Columns

With Reversed Photo Below

Drawing of Proposed Chapel

Actual Chapel Interior.



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