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JEAN SHEPHERD Kid Stories–Paperboy & Farewell, ARTSY


So I’m peddling along, nine-feet tall, and I’m throwing the papers and making the collections.  Two-and-a-half-hours later I arrive back at George the Greek.  Flick is sitting on the floor working on his book.  Schwartz is over there working on his, and Martin is over there.  Shepherd walks in, striding in there ten feet tall.

George is back around by the candy counter.  He says, “Hey, Shepherd!”

“What’s up, George?”

“Don’t give me that ‘what’s up’ stuff.  What did you do to the guy at ten fourteen Arizona Avenue?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just tell me what you did to him.”

I said, “Nothing, George.”

“What do you mean, ‘nothing’?  That guy called up here, he dropped all the papers and says he’s never gonna buy another paper from me again.  That guy’s been on our route for twenty years!  What did you do?”

That was big, fat, rotten, stale-beer Charlie of ten-dollar-bill fame.  Now, I ask you, friends, who won that battle?  Ultimately?  Let’s put it this way.  There are some people who win an occasional skirmish.  There are even some people who win an occasional battle.  But then—there are those—wondrous, favored few—those beautiful, wondrous, favored few—who win the wars.

Friends, I’m a guy who has won quite a few skirmishes.  I’ve even taken a battle or two.  The previous, true, paperboy story is a salute to misspent youth.

End of paperboy story. new kid story coming next.



My previous ARTSY post completes all the 121 short illustrated essays on my life in the world of artsy-fartsydom. There may be more if some come across my old and frustrated mind.

Since late March I’ve sent book-queries to four major people in the art-and-literature field who I thought would find my artsy idea interesting and quirky enough to respond.

Since late March I’ve sent queries to five New York literary agencies I thought might be interested.

So far I’ve gotten no responses from any of the above. Maybe somewhere over the rainbow.

It’s a good thing I do my stuff for my own amusement.

Anything more would be gravy.

(I really do like gravy an awful lot.)

I still have 19 transcribed Shep Kid Stories ready to post. The next one is what I consider to be one of his best–it’s about him being “The Worm King.”

Gene B.



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