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JEAN SHEPHERD–His Now and Future U.S. of America Part 2 of 2


Part 1 has the most variety of subjects for additional

Jean Shepherd’s America subjects.



usa flag of jsa

Remember that I feel there should be at least a couple of hundred programs

to make complete his




 Food    Beer

Ice Cream Parlor    Drive-through    Diners

hot dogs & hamburgers    elegant dinners (escargot, lobster, filet minion)

ethnic foodAfro-American Spain.Germ.Ital.Chinese.Mex.Hisp,Jap, etc.

take-out and eat-in eating Italian, Chinese, etc.

restaurants–varied decor

Jewish delis, pastrami vs. corned beef, Cel-ray soda, Shep’s whitefish sandwich

breakfasts around the U.S. and in restaurants

Drinks–coffee weak/strong, wine, milk, mixed drinks, hard liquor, specialty (Kahlua, etc.)


Let’s think about a few of these, and in what way Shep could do his bit with them:

Ice Cream Parlors  Beyond the usual neighborhood ones country-wide, there are some special ones that should be visited. For most of my life, Jahn’s in Richmond Hill, Queens was “world famous” in Queens. It closed in 2008!


Hardware Stores  There are still neighborhood ones that sell hammers and screw drivers and light bulbs, but some of the new ones, like Home Depot sell everything in enormous quantities–they are warehouses. This year we bought our Christmas tree at Ace Hardware.

Drug Stores These sold only pharmaceutical stuff. When I was a kid, the local one also had a soda fountain and a small comics rack where I first discovered Mad Comics, etc. Now they sell lawn furniture and whatever.

Think of the delightful discussions one could have.

For example regarding the best coffee, between the typical weak stuff

in most American restaurants to the stuff now in Starbucks.

Nowadays, even Dunkin’ Donuts has good cappuccino comparable to Starbucks.

And Seattle has become famous for its focus on coffee.


Oh, I wish Shep could have made 300 more episodes!



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