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JEAN SHEPHERD–Projects Galore!


Will my obsession never end?

As the (slight) possibility looms that I may get a contract to publish another Shep project, my egocentric mind goes back to all the various Shep projects I’ve produced, both published and unpublished. However, I see that I’ve already blogged my list of all that stuff–by searching the date in the right-hand column of this site, see my February 2, 2014 blog titled:

“ebb’s Jean Shepherd Bibliography.”

The categories, (with a few representative samples here) are: BOOKS (EYF!, Shep’s Army); THEATER Excelsior play about Shep); ARTICLES AND A FOREWORD (Foreword to A Christmas Story: Background...); PROGRAM NOTES (Syndicated audio program notes); UNDISTRIBUTED STUFF (Graphic novel); SPECIAL APPEARANCES Old Time Radio Convention); INTERNET (

Oh, dear, what is an obsession?


Shakespeare.Shep cartoon0002

Oh. Wow. Another Jean Shepherd Project.

(Apologies to:


Shakespeare’s Dark Lady of the Sonnets,

Trevor Spaulding,

The New Yorker 10/5/2015 issue,

and to my wife, Allison Morgan Bergmann.*)

*For Allison, I apologize for putting her in my little joke, and for my big obsession.

For anyone not aware of it, the process of creating, searching for an outlet for, getting a publishing contract for, struggling through the slings and arrows until publication day for–is stressful, to put it lightly. Decades ago I struggled through the search with several unpublished novels. On the verge of giving up, I was brazen enough to send material to Norman Mailer, at the time, my favorite living novelist (He’s no longer living, but still a favorite). Eventually I received his response, which I still possess, framed in my study/Shep Shrine. I’m grateful that he took the time and creative effort to respond. Here’s what he wrote:

Mailer to eb 1988

As I type this with fingers, toes, and mental wiring crossed,

I think back on those days and on Mailer.

Shep, are you with me on this one? I believe you’d be happy with the subject of my new project possibilities.

I will keep everyone informed.

Meanwhile, write if you get work.

(I’m hanging by my thumbs.)



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