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JEAN SHEPHERD-Whiz-Bang Biography of Jean Parker Shepherd, Esq.


excelsior sign

What’s Shep all about, anyway?

Who knows?


All about?!?

I wish I knew.

Chapter 1    ??? Chicago South Side??? I’m a kid, see. Hammond, W. G. Harding.

Chapter 2     …Dorothy Anderson, Helen Weathers, Flick, Eileen Ackers, Patty Remaley, Ester Jane Albery, Randy Shepherd, et al…..

Chapter 3    !!! Steel-mill mail boy!!!

Chapter 4    !?!?→↑→↓ Crowder, Murphy. T/5  →↑→↓,!?!?

camp crowder postcard

Chapter 5    Cinci, Philly, married (Barbara Mattoon), divorced, married Joan Warner.


Chapter 6    NYC, Jazz, WOR, burgeoned, night folk, divorced.

i libertine jpeg i hope

Chapter 7    Libertine,  ↓ fired/rehired=Sweetheart, married Lois Nettleton↑.

jean and lois c.1962

Chapter 8    Playboy, IGWTAOPC, divorced.

Chapter 9   TV

Chapter 10  ACS (aka In God We Trust, etc.)

Chapter  11   Married ↑Leigh Brown. April Fool=1977: bye bye, WOR.

leigh,shep 1977

Chapter 12  Lady Finger Lake Road on Snow Pond Lake: Sanibel Island. 



    ↓Leigh died 1998. JPS died: RIP 1999↓.

Chapter 13  ↑Radio Hall of Fame, EYF!

Chapter 14   Seinfeld nails it↑.


Chapter 15  Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize, Oscar, Obie, etc., etc., etc., (Not altogether true.)

1981-_hammond_award 2nd annual

But why doesn’t Shep have far more important tributes–like Harvey Pekar, creator of the American Splendor graphic/autobiographical novels? Recently  a statue  was created in Pekar’s honor, installed in his favorite Cleveland library:

pekar desk at Cleveland library

Pekar stepping out of a “comic book page”

on a real library desk.

Oh, sure, Shep got a Community Center:


But, is Shep immortalized in a booblehead? Pekar is!

pekar bobblehead1


(not yet)

[Bobblehead is ridiculous, right?

But how many of us would like to see (and possess)

a Jean Shepherd bobblehead?

Damn near all of us fatheads, right?]

you fathead sign




  1. Steve says:

    Gene, I assume at the top of the piece you meant to write “Jean Parker Shepherd Jr.,” not “Esq.” (Shep was a lot of things, but not a lawyer.) And Herbert Gasser was an Army buddy in the Signal Corps, not a boyhood pal or classmate (as I recall).

    • ebbergmann says:

      I put Esquire because he once announced that, as names were important, he wanted to be called Jean Parker Shepherd Esquire. My dictionary lists several definitions of Esquire, the first being: A man or boy who is a member of the gentry in England ranking directly below a knight. This is what Shep (and I) had in mind.

      • Steve says:

        But as a matter of “Biography,” Shep was not an “Esq.” by either definition . . .

      • ebbergmann says:

        RE: ESQ. you take my “Whiz-bang bio” and Shep too literally! Of course you’re right about Gasser–not a childhood friend but an army buddy.

      • Steve says:

        As an American esquire, I do tend to take things literally at times . . . .

  2. Steve says:

    Now at Schiphol. Final fun (but obscure) Shepherd fact: At least one “fictional” Shep character consulted an esquire about suing Shep for libel based on his mean-spirited disparagement of a real person with whom he attended school.

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