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JEAN SHEPHERD– March on Washington- part 5


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Then they brought out one entertainer after another.  This was the entertainment before the real thing.  In the middle of it all, because we were not in our proper location, somebody decided to bring our delegation up toward the front.  We had been between the plumbers and the cement workers and a Catholic local from Baltimore.  So we wound up in the right place and suddenly I got a new perspective on it all.  Because I was now looking at it from a very different direction and I could see all the newsmen there—very official—roped off.  You couldn’t get near them.  And they were going to report it.

And I saw all these official show-bizz types frantically running around getting photographed.  Somehow, that was the one discordant moment that I had.  I didn’t see any of these people who got their pictures in all the papers doing any marching.  Getting their pictures taken and signing autographs as though somehow, they vaguely were responsible for goodness.  As though all of show business had gathered and they were autographing each other and loving each other and taking pictures with each other.  And all the while they were signing autographs, Martin Luther King was giving his brilliant speech.





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  1. mygingerpig says:

    A typical snarky comment from Shep. Forget that the showbiz types traveled to be there. Forget that they added their “star power” to the event, which made it even more media-worthy. They were there. And to say they were signing autographs while King made his “brilliant” speech suggests he thought that they thought their fame was more important than King’s speech. I suspect Shep would not have objected had he been photographed by “the media” and had people asked him for an autograph. Yet he was just a face in the crowd. His jealousy is showing.

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