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Another holiday season and another

Christmas Story show-fest!

ACS Santa and Elves

leglamp dancing

A Christmas Story, the musical, this year is scheduled for NYC’s

Madison Square Garden Theater,

again starring, as Shep the creator and on-stage narrator,

Dan Lauria.

lauria in ACS

(Who had played the father in the popular sitcom, “The Wonder Years,”

which was the unacknowledged inspiration of

Jean Shepherd’s style.)

I was invited to the musical’s opening on Broadway and the after-theater celebration. Despite some trepidation, I attended, and very much enjoyed it. It was wonderful to see that Shep/narrator was given a prominent part as the on-stage commentator for the action. The sets and musical numbers were good, and I applauded appreciatively.

The Cleveland Street museum dedicated to A CHRISTMAS STORY has various activities and more and more related items for sale. Among the new, ACS items, my son Evan found in a Long Island store, is a calendar (pardon the cropped scan):

 acs calendar

Among the other Christmas Celebrations, Twisted Sister, a few years back, did their own version of Christmas songs for an enjoyable album, some of which is on YouTube. What one might imagine being tasteless, I found quite enjoyable. Followers of this blog may remember that Dee Snider,whom I interviewed for 3 hours in my Shep Shrine is a very enthusiastic Shep fan. He feels that some of his own style on his radio program is influenced by Shep’s radio style. (The following Dee-related commentary and images are totally unsolicited–eb)


Interestingly, Dee Snider, front man of the group, is, when out of  stage gear, an articulate, delightful guy with some rather conservative attributes, including the decades he’s been married, and his traditional sense of Christmas.

dee 10, 2014

Dee being interviewed in 2014 for his Christmas musical.

I was surprised to see that he’s created his own Christmas musical opening in Chicago this year and, he hopes, headed for NYC’s Broadway next year.


He describes the story line thus:

“A struggling heavy metal band who sells their soul

to the devil and

finds the magic of Christmas instead.”

Yes, Dee Snider has a positive Christmas spirit.

Recently a video game based on A Christmas Story emerged.

Oh me, oh my:

ACS game

When I was a little kid my parents would wait till I was asleep before setting up our Christmas tree and arraying presents under it. I woke up to encounter Christmas morning just about the same as does Ralphie and Randy in that favorite movie we watch every year.

Christmas Eve morning: I just encountered (after many searches), an image of Dan Lauria’s poster on the theater facade showing him as Jean Shepherd–with the title! Read those immortal words! I first saw this as I stood on line waiting to see the opening performance of the ACS musical–it gave me great hope (soon to be justified) that Shep would get his rightful place in the production:


As a Shep enthusiast, my gratitude for this

recognition knows no bounds!




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  1. Bettylou Steadman says:

    I have been a true dyed-in-the-wool Shep fan since the mid 1950s when I lived on the East Coast.  In reference to “The Wonder Years” copying his style, I thought I would post a picture of me from the 1990s with Fred Savage from the show.  I met him at a Big Sisters/Little Sisters of Los Angeles function.  I was a Big Sister at the time.Bettylou Steadman

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