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The previous post contained a proposed cover for a book of Shep’s travels. I continue with more of the book’s “front matter.” You’ll note that some “Chapters” contain various parts–each part is a separate, extended travel narrative.


 TRAVEL frontispiece

by the same author




For all those who listened, recorded, and distributed

Jean Shepherd’s travel narratives so that we may follow him.


“I have traveled around the world a couple of times and I’ve been many places.  I’ve been to the regular places that the usual American tours.  To me the tourist is on a very different kind of journey than a traveler is on.  A traveler is usually an ex-tourist.  There’s a big difference between the two though.  He is not going after the same thing….After having traveled for a couple of years, I became a traveler.  I found myself looking at a country with a knowledgeable eye.” –Jean Shepherd



Traveling With Jean Parker Shepherd, Adventurer    

[Table of Continents]                                                   

CHAPTER 1. March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, August 28, 1963       

CHAPTER 2. Maine Deciding to be Beautiful                                                              

CHAPTER 3. The Middle East                                                                                            

a) Trouble in Beirut

b) The Negev Desert 

c) Tel Aviv 

d) Beersheba and The Desert Inn

e) The Bedouin’s Tent 

f) Bedouin Bazaar Visions 

g) Skin-diving in the Red Sea    

CHAPTER 4. John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Shep                                                   

CHAPTER 5. Irish Blood in Me                                                                                         

CHAPTER 6. The Last Time I Saw Paris: French Farce, Le Drugstore, Riot         

CHAPTER 7. Around the World with Shep                                                                

a) And Here’s How it Happened

b) Tehran and Tokyo 

c) Bangkok and Tokyo

d) Tokyo: I Really Came Here For Serenity and Peace and Koto Music 

CHAPTER 8. Australia                                                                                                        

a) Sharks and Martinis 

b) ANZAC Day

CHAPTER 9. Amazon and the Headhunters                                                                

a) Hey, Shep, How’d You Like to Go to Peru?        

b) Don’t Go, It’s Dangerous!

c) I’m Going!

d) One of the Truly Great Experiences of My Life 

e) I Guess I Came Back Changed

f) We Have Never Seen This Kind of White Man  

CHAPTER 10. Nigeria                                                                                                       

a) A Peculiar Kind of Flavor                                    

b) Nothing Works Like at Home.                                                                 

c) You are Enrolling, Please, for How Long, Sir? 

d) How are You, Sir? How? Hi, hi, hi, Sir.    

e) In a Year or Two He was Right in the Same Boat With the Rest of Us, You Know

                              f) No Matter What I do, I am an American       

CHAPTER 11. Sailing the Windward Islands                                                             

a) Seafaring        

b) Pig Roast         

CHAPTER 12. Maine is a Foreign Country                                                                   

CHAPTER 13. Travel Homilies of a Nomadic American                               

Sources of the Audios                                                                                          




  1. Tom says:

    Many of these stories are unfamiliar to me, and I thought I’d heard just about all of them. Back to!

    I just listened to the Beatles tapes again this summer and had a great laugh. I’m not sure how they’d work as text though. Shep’s renditions of various British and Scottish accents are priceless, especially when he imitates the Fab Four. He clearly was interested in the group but definitely not in awe of them.

    • ebbergmann says:

      Keep watching this blog and, I hope, eventually you’ll encounter all of them. Many (just about all!) are very good. In fact, I wouldn’t have included them in a manuscript I hoped to publish if they weren’t.

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