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JEAN SHEPHERD–Manifesto etc. Part 1


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Oh, Eugene, as you have so  much material on Shep, and so many topics to discuss that you can go on every third day for well over a year, why haven’t you gathered all these loose ends and tight middles accumulated after your EYF! and published them as a book themselves, rather than delivering them here willy-nilly ?

You may well ask. Why not indeed?

Whereas I have gone through decades of hassle trying to bring my book manuscripts to publication—including two Shepherd books eventually published after too much blood, sweat, aggravation, and miscellaneous etceteras;

Whereas I have several additional Jean Shepherd book manuscripts ready to go, which have already been rejected by several publishers, and without the desire to spend much of my remaining years full of frustration in case of non-publication, and stress in the event of more satisfactory possibilities;

Whereas I believe that the material in these manuscripts is of historical value regarding the work of Jean Shepherd;

Whereas, nevertheless, I would agree to publishing contracts should they drop from the sky into my lap;

I could no longer abide that situation and I chose to do the following:

Whereas regarding  my two book manuscripts of miscellaneous follow-up material gathered after my EXCELSIOR, YOU FATHEAD! went to press and sold better than its publisher had expected,EYF cover in part I have been cannibalizing them for my blog. I’m happy to say that the majority of the material incorporated into this blog has been newly minted rather than cannibalized, created as I’ve been blogging in the last  15 months. [Isn’t “blog” a ridiculous, awful word?!]

Despite all of the above, yet I still carry that idealistic EXCELSIOR banner upward into the blizzard of the commercial publishing world.

Shel's excelsior drawingbullwinkle up mtn

So far I’ve been pleased with what I’ve managed to do in the blog and I’ve been gratified at the responses from others.



(not being cannibalized) AT MY PUBLISHER


Gene Bergmann, you Fathead, onward and upward I say!←



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