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Jean Shepherd ended his WOR radio career in 1977 and he died in 1999. Yet his creations continue to be perpetuated through new and older enthusiasts who enjoy his works. Here are some of the major factors helping keep Shep’s vision alive.



Shepherd‘s own books continue to sell.  In addition,

Eugene B. Bergmann‘s books, Excelsior, You Fathead! ( 2005), an overview and appreciation

of Shep’s career, and his Shep’s Army (2013), annotated transcriptions of

Shepherd army stories, continue to sell.

Caseen Gaines‘ book, A Christmas Story-Behind the Scenes of a Holiday Classic

appeared in 2013 with considerable material on Shepherd.

Several books on radio and on humor appearing in the last decade or so  contain

descriptions and appreciations of Shepherd’s radio work.


A number of schoolbooks for teaching literature each feature a story by Shepherd,

with study comments and hints.

Professor Quentin Schultze of Calvin College has taught courses in the art

of Jean Shepherd and had him as a guest in class.

DISTRIBUTION (audio, video, radio) 

Max Schmid of WBAI broadcasts Shepherd audios  and interviews as often as he can

in addition to  selling CDs and DVDs of Shepherd’s works.

Jeff Beauchamp”s Jean Shepherd Project (no longer extant)

distributed CDs of hundreds of Shepherd broadcast audios.

Sellers on continue to offer Shepherd books, audios, videos, etc.

DOCUMENTARY (in the works) 

Nick Mantis is creating a major documentary on Shep’s world,

interviewing many important sources.


Jean Shepherd acolites gather from time to time to chat, eat, and

exchange enthusiastic comments about him. The most recent “Shepfest” was

at Katz’s Delicatessen on June 24, 20014.

nick at katz 6.24.14

Documentary video-maker at Katz’s.


From time to time–here, there, everywhere  inaccuracies–grubbage–

about our mythic hero continue to pop up, scatter like a dandelion’s plumed seeds,

giving birth to equally erroneous progeny.


Of great importance is Jim Clavin‘s, which is the major source

of information on everything related to Jean Shepherd.

Two other websites (which do not remain current or active) have good material:

Jim Sadur’s “Jean Shepherd Fan Page”

and Bob Kaye’s “The Shepherd Page”

Various internet sites, including  the brass figklagee at, continue to feature Shepherd audios.

Fans communicate regularly through the email site:

and on Facebook through the group: “I’m a fan of Jean Shepherd.”

An internet site features a “comic book” bio by Ethan Persoff & Scott Marshall

of early V. Voice contributor John Wilcock, , including:


My blog,

every third day posts articles and thoughts on everything related to Shepherd:



A variety of writings, interviews, and commentaries continue to appear,

created in print and internet publications (Gene Bergmann,

Donald Fagen, Keith Olbermann, etc.).

Irwin Zwilling, who controls Shepherd’s creative rights,

continues to be engaged on his behalf.


Turner Television continues to yearly broadcast A Christmas Story

to millions of viewers, especially for 24 hours straight on Christmas Eve.


A few years ago, Gene Bergmann‘s one man play “Excelsior!” enjoyed

a very limited run off-off-off-Broadway.

In recent years, around the holiday season, a live theater version of

A Christmas Story, travels widely in towns and burbs.

Starting in 2013, A Christmas Story, The Musical appeared on Broadway.

Both theatrical versions of the film portray Shepherd as narrator/commentator

in on-stage performance.


 From time to time Shep receives some well-earned tribute

such as induction into the Radio Hall of Fame (posthumously),

The Paley Center for Media–Jerry Seinfeld tribute (posthumously),

and even while he was alive →  🙂  ← such as being given an honorary doctorate,

as seen below (pay no attention to his pants and sneakers).









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