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Commenting on the search for a name for a new Indiana Tollway in the region of
Hammond, Indiana, Robert Blaszkiewicz, in his column for the
Northwest Indian Times (April 30, 2006),
suggested a Shep connection. The road is leased to
“the Cintra-Macquarie consortium.”
With his permission, I quote from his column:

“A highway name should be something that evokes the local history and character of the region. It also needs to roll effortlessly off the tongue of a traffic reporter.

“I’d like to take columnist’s license to toss one out there myself:  ‘The Jean Shepherd Memorial In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash Tollway.…’  The book title is the ideal sentiment for a road where we’ll be forking over an ever-increasing amount of money to some faceless foreign entity.

“Yes, the name is a bit long. No problem, in traffic reports it will simply be called ‘the Shep.’

[Blaszkiewicz comments that Shepherd often disparaged his hometown]

“So call it payback to attach his name to a strip of concrete that many of us will end up cursing:

” ‘Why are you late?’

” ‘I got stuck on the (bleepin’) Shep again.’

“But I think even Shepherd would appreciate his name as an object of derision.  After all, it was Shep, himself, who immortalized his Old Man’s tapestry of obscenities still hanging over Lake Michigan.”

Several Shep fans have also suggested titles for the road, including these of mine:

Shepherd’s Flockway


J. Parker Parkway

Excelsior Expressway

6SJ7GT Hamway

Fathead Freeway

O’Fudge Freeway

Og and Charlie Turnpike

Boodle-Am Beltway

Loose Knees Speedway.




  1. Stephen Roga says:

    Is shep’s brother drill living?


  2. Shepway is the most expedient.

  3. Stu Tarlowe says:

    Blaszkiewicz’s idea is brilliant (and far superior to any of the other suggestions). And I think he’s right that it will become simply “The Shep”. What a great way to (further) immortalize our hero!

    Here in KC, we have Kauffman Stadium, named for local philanthropist Ewing Kauffman. Sportscasters starting calling it “The K”, and there were objections on the grounds that people would forget the name Kauffman. For awhile, it seemed as if sensitivity and respect for Kauffman’s memory would win out, but No; it’s now referred to by all and sundry as “The K”. But at least “The Shep” will never be reduced to “The S”!

  4. mygingerpig says:

    Apropos of names, one of Seinfeld’s sons is named Shepherd. How’s that for a tribute? The other son is named Kal, for his father Kalman. So Jerry puts his father and Shep on a similar plane of importance in his life.

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