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JEAN SHEPHERD as per E. Bergmann


ebb’s Jean Shepherd Bibliography 

I first listened to Jean Shepherd from 1956 through the early 1960s.  I began seriously thinking and writing about Jean Shepherd in early 2000, soon after he died.  This resulted in the publication of my Excelsior, You Fathead! The Art and Enigma of Jean Shepherd in March, 2005.  That thinking, writing, and publication led to various related projects, some begun by myself, some suggested by others, each resulting in published or not-quite-yet-published works of various lengths. Some parts of the following material have already appeared in this blog.  The list as of February, 2014:


Excelsior, You Fathead! The Art and Enigma of Jean Shepherd  (Applause Theatre and Cinema Books, March 28, 20005.) A basic and comprehensive overview and appreciation of Shepherd’s creative work as it was known about at the time. Illustrations, index, interviews, sources, 496 pages.

Shep’s Army: Bummers, Blisters, and Boondoggles (Opus Books, August, 2013. Foreword by Keith Olbermann.) Nearly three dozen of Shepherd’s army stories transcribed and edited from his radio broadcasts, organized so that they form a chronological continuity, forming what could be called “Jean Shepherd’s Army Novel.” Introductory essay and comments, 232 pages.


Excelsior! A Play about Jean Shepherd (Authors Playhouse, Bay Shore, Long Island, NY, performances in March, 2006.) A one-man play in four scenes, conceived and written during the period in which the first book was also being written, displaying Shepherd’s highs, lows, and his final reconciliation with his fate as a man and as an important American creative force.


“Jean Shepherd, A Unique Comic Voice” (In iPod and iTunes Garage, 2004, book by Kirk McElhearn). A general description, emphasis on Shep’s radio work, indicating that the audios are easily captured and heard on listening devices.

I, Libertine—From Hoax to Best Selling Paperback” (In Paperback Parade, February 2006magazine). Essay consisting of existing and some new information about the hoax.

“Jean Shepherd—Genius” (In California Herald, 2006—newspaper). A general appreciation of Shepherd’s work.

[Untitled paragraph] “A Hammond Story—The Origin of A Christmas Story” (brochure published by The Hammond Historic Preservation Commission in 2008) My paragraph noting Shepherd’s personal and artistic connections to Hammond, commenting that despite his negativity toward his hometown, aspects of it are never far from his mind and heart.

“Ettore and Jean Bugatti—Artists” (Published in Pur Sang Winter, 2010 #50, quarterly of the American Bugatti Club.) An essay describing Shep’s appreciative broadcast about Bugatti, focusing on the masterwork, the “57SC Atlantic,” which he describes with high enthusiasm. Also, a description of Shepherd’s ink drawing on a paper towel of a classic Bugatti limousine. (Posted in full in the Shepquest blog.)

“Christmas Revisited: Minor Disasters and Happy Endings” (Foreword to the book by Caseen Gaines, A Christmas Story–Behind the Scenes of a Holiday Classic. 2013) Following a short one by actor Wil Wheaton, my over-four-page foreword focuses on promoting Shepherd, the final paragraph beginning: “To repeat the irony that’s symptomatic of Jean Shepherd’s career, most people who love the film don’t even know who he is.”


All 9 sets of Program Notes, produced/published by  Shepherd programs in boxed CD sets originally recorded in 1964-1965 for syndication, virtually undistributed, thus almost totally unheard except on these CD sets. These shows are nearly identical to Shepherd’s broadcast style on WOR, with somewhat more of a sense of pre-planning and the use of more attendant musical excerpts:

“Don’t be a Leaf”                4 CDs                                  2005

“The X Random Factor”    8 CDs                                 2005

“Security Blankets”           4 CDs                                 2006

“Life Is”                                 8 CDs                                 2006

 “Kicks”                                4 CDs                                  2008

“Pomp & Circumstance”  8 CDs                                 2008

“Ticket to Ride”                  4 CDs                                 2008

“The Fatal Flaw”                  8 CDs                                2009

“Wonders”                           8 CDs                                2010


EXCELSIOR! The Graphic Novel the World Has Been Waiting For! A three-volume work designed and printed by hand, dramatizing the so-far unfulfilled quest for audios of Shepherd’s overnight broadcasts. Made in 2006 and archived in The Shep Shrine. (Reproduced in full in the Shepquest blog.)

Various Charts Regarding the life and career of Shep.

“Words and Phrases From the Master” a fold-up. 

“Brass Figlagee” 3-dimensional design interpretation in a limited edition

Various other paper ephemera.


Talk & Book Signing, August 16, 2005. West Hartford, CN Public Library. A general talk about Shepherd, with extensive questions from the 70-member audience, followed by a book-signing session.


Old Time Radio Annual Convention, October 2005. Co-chair, with Max Schmid, two-person session on Jean Shepherd with extensive questions from the audience, followed by signing of books.


The Paley Center for Media (formerly Museum of Television and Radio) January 23, 2012. “Remembering Master Storyteller, Jean Shepherd with Jerry Seinfeld” and Bill Carter (NYT media writer). I contributed various suggestions regarding audios for use. Pre-program meeting in the green room with Seinfeld, etc.  In the main auditorium, as a special attendee in the front row, I was introduced to the audience,  and was asked to respond to comments from the stage.


Seinfeld: “I love your book.”

Bergmann: “I love your TV show.”


Shepquest: The World of Jean Shepherd. Blog posts written by ebb, begun in February 2013. Extensive, illustrated essays describing and commenting on all aspects of Shepherd’s life and work, with some comments by Shepherd-enthusiasts.



(Attendant confetti and balloons [‘Pretty bubbles in the air.’] )




  1. So you have created a second career around our hero. Lucky for you, unlike Woody Allen, he was not associated with anything more serious than being a bad father. Have you thought about making a video documentary? There must be enough interesting material, photos, recordings, clips from his videos, people to interview etc. I would love to see a well done .doc about Shep. If you need any contacts with doc. production people, let me know.

    • ebbergmann says:

      You may be aware that Nick Mantis has been working on a documentary about Shep, interviewing, etc. I’ve given him my support and helped when I can. (Nick posts on the Shep facebook page sometimes in that regard.)

      By the way, as it being a second career of mine–in a way it is as an avocation, but it can’t keep food on the table–myfinancial returns for all of this is minuscule–too embarrassing to admit, in fact.

  2. A second career does not necessarily have to do with money. It is a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

    • ebbergmann says:

      Of course you’re right. Getting out of bed in the morning is a pleasure–after breakfast, reading the Times, getting our son off to program and kissing my wife goodbye for work and feeding and watering our 3 dogs, I have the great pleasure of getting on the computer and checking out Shep’s world and what I’ll be posting next.

  3. Stephen Roga says:


    I’m unsure if I can reply to this email. I just stumbled on your posts and my intention is to thank you for this great tribute to the voice I grew up to. A pure genius with extraordinary delivery. I again am drifting off to sleep to his voice via cd broadcasts. I stated my fanhood in my school yearbook under “likes”. I rushed out to see “A Christmas Story” as soon as it hit my local theatre. I saw several live annual performances at Princeton. I was at a Bamberger’s book signing.

    Thanks again,


    Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 13:29:30 +0000 To:

    • ebbergmann says:

      Hi Stephen,
      I’m glad you stumbled on my blog posts. I do what I can to promote Shepherd and my work about him, and my books have been widely reviewed and I’ve been interviewed in print, radio, and even a CBS TV 4-minutes about the books. As you can see, I’ve got lots of stuff on Shep available, including 2 books. The blog has well over 100 posts on all things Shep. Anything in particular you’d like to say about him ?
      Cheers and Excelsior!
      Gene Bergmann

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