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JEAN SHEPHERD–a faux/for-real tribute to Old Shep




“I remember the time at the old swimming hole.

Well, I woulda drowned beyond doubt

But old Shep was right there

to the rescue.”


“Old Shep” is a much-recorded country/western song by Clyde Foley and Arthur Willis.

Nostalgia and dying, beloved dogs, get me every time–right in the ‘ol tear ducts.

“When I was a lad
And old Shep was a pup
Over hills and meadows we’d stray…. “

Recited on an album titled “Old Shep” by Walter Brennan

walter brennan oold shep


Oscar-winning star of stagecoach, screen, and television.

I remember him well alongside Bogy and Bacall

in “To Have and Have Not.”



Ol’ Shep

rescued a lot of us

who were growing up,

drowning in our personal ol’ swimmin’ holes

of adolescence.

He tossed us a nightly

WOR mind-preserver.




  1. mygingerpig says:

    Why not include some songs by a girl named Jean Shepherd, the C&W singer?

  2. ebbergmann says:

    I might do that some time, but I’ll spell her name Jean Shepard.

  3. Methinks you are stretching a bit here for content, Gino. 🙂

    • ebbergmann says:

      I usually publish rather long, detailed essays (usually with some visual relief in the illustrations), so I thought that, before I begin a series of extended essays on A CHRISTMAS STORY for the holiday season, I’d insert a short bit of frivolity.I hoped that my final note about Shep tending to our adolescent difficulties would put some degree of serious commentary into the proceedings. Anyway I find it amusing–I still laugh at it. So it was not to my mind a stretch, frantically seeking material–you should see my schedule of ready-to-go upcoming posts extending through January (only needing a push of the PUBLISH button to be out there in the reader’s face), and my volumes of already written chapters from two unpublished manuscripts on Ol’ Shep ready to be cannibalized. Joel, I always appreciate your eye for detail and your thoughtful comments.

  4. Oh admit it…it was a stretch…..:-)

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