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JEAN SHEPHERD Veterans Day Special


About two weeks before Veterans Day, I received from my publishers, an email with their press release  modified to appeal to veterans and various military-related organizations. I found it delightful, and in an email, I responded. I then used the “Print Screen” computer feature to include the top of the press release and a portion of my computer’s desktop. With some copy/paste/scan work to include the relevant emails, I present it here. Those curious about my constant Shepherd activities can see the titles of my desktop folders in orange, red, and green.

Excelsior to you all!

Especially to all veterans. 

Both a cousin and an uncle of mine served in and survived WW II.


shep veterans day


(I hope one can read the text when one clicks on the above. My preview indicates that one can’t. But one can try clicking on the image and then, if a little + sign appears in a “magnifying glass,” click on that,)

           Desktop foldersSHEP BOOKS by eb; ARMY Shep 5.10.12; SHEPHERD; SHEP AUDIOS; SHEPQUEST book ala blogs; shep BLOG; BLOGS TO COME



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