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JEAN SHEPHERD–Shep’s Army–visual indicators


sheps army final cover      back cover

Front and Back Covers of the Book

(click on images for larger views)


signal corps insignia

Official Signal Corps Insignia–Semaphore Flags

Shepherd spent his entire military career in the Signal Corps


PART 1 “You’re In the Army Now”

U.S. pin

The U. S. Army Pin For Formal Wear

Shepherd wore this pin when in dress uniform


Part 2 “Army Hospitality”

camp crowder postcard

Camp Crowder, Missouri Postcard

(Location of Shep’s early Signal Corps training)


Part 3 “Wartime in Florida is Hell”


Early Radar Aparatus

(Type of radar  first used by Shepherd in Fort Murphy, Florida)



t.5 patch

T/5 Patch–Jean Shepherd’s Highest Rank

(See Shepherd’s comment on it in Shep’s Army.)


Part 4 “An Army Education: Independent Study”

–Including Experience in a Separation Center–

ruptured duck 5.21.13

 “Ruptured Duck”

(Symbol of Honorable Discharge.

Available as metal pin or cloth patch)


Part 5 “Mustered Out at Last”

Army Record

Jean Shepherd’s Discharge Record

(Pay no attention to the 10/01/99 date of death. Some stupid lapse in

bureaucratic record keeping in many organizations automatically

lists first of the month. It should say 10/16/99.)


More to Come



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