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CBS image

CBS TV interviewer Dick Brennan and

Eugene B. Bergmann talking about


on WCBS Sunday Morning, July 21, 2013

(Note that the image in the background is CBS’s artwork,

not the actual book cover. See actual book on the table.)

EBB: “This book is the first book of Shepherd stories to come along in a quarter of a century. They were never before in print, they represent stories he told on the air about his life in the army–of course, his life–his fictional life in the army.

“And to me, one of the fascinating things I found out about his army stories when I began researching them and listening more and more and wondering, how can I put this book together, is that, over all of the stories he told, they became almost a chronology that could be referred to almost as Jean Shepherd’s army novel.

“Because they’re not just random stories. They really tell his induction into the army; his early Signal Corps training at one camp in Missouri; his radar experiences in Florida; and some general experiences; and finally getting out. And as he put it, ‘Thank  God I ain’t in the army!’ “

More to come on Shep’s Army



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