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JEAN SHEPHERD-more of my Shep Shrine


“Shep, we love ya.

Shep, your work is on our minds night and day.

Shep, we build shrines to ya.”


Back in February 2013 I published a description of my Shep Shrine. By special request I’m adding a lot of recent photos, because a lot of photos are worth maybe more than the previous 1423 words.

Reference material, written files, audio files  of Shepherd radio shows, interviews of him, discussions of him on the radio; audios and transcriptions of interviews I did for my Excelsior, You Fathead!, interviews of me discussing that book  after it came out; videos of his TV shows and his films along with odds and ends. A special Excelsior, You Fatheads! bright orange felt banner. And more material stuffed into my hardware/work area.

Props from my Shep play;   seltzer bottles;  first editions of his books, reference material; nine syndicated radio CD sets for which I did the program notes; assorted goodies of his I got on

Original artwork–the ink drawing of the antique Bugatti, previously posted in my Bugatti article and to its right, the continuation of the same paper towel sheet, individually framed, of the still life of table objects he did.  A water-logged copy of Excelsior, You Fathead!  sent to me by a fan at my request.

What a lotta stuff!

A.EYF bannerShep Shrine Annex with

Excelsior banner by Jackie Lannin.


B plastic boxes cassettes

Boxes of CDs and cassettes of

Shep  shows, interviews of him,

interviews by me for EYF! book, etc.


C.zenith & DHB shirt

Same model Zenith radio as that on which

I first listened to Shep,

E B bookends my father made for me,

a couple of my Shep manuscripts,

our son Drew’s baseball jersey.


D hardware corner folders

Sub-annex with research, file boxes, and folders, 

interviews and permissions for EYF!,

much else, plus Shel Sileverstein books.


F Robicks cube

Shep/Rubik’s Cube

fabricated while passing through

one of my many  silly moods.




play props,seltzerbottles

Two props from my Shep play,

artists books I’ve made, and my

EXCELSIOR SELTZER WATER bottle collection.


E director chair

Director’s chair and megaphone–

props for the Shep play.


G bookcase ink drwgs

First editions of Shep books, research books,

files and publicity for EYF!, other Shep artifacts,

a waterlogged EYF! copy in its box,

in front of it a playbill for “Look, Charlie,”

some Shep ink drawings including the

long Bugatti drawing on the wall.


I  ink table setting

Shep’s paper-towel still-life ink drawing

mounted to the right of the Bugatti drawing

from which it was severed.


J poster,tiny leglamp

Poster of Jean Shepherd bestowing

benediction upon all who enter the Shrine.

Leg lamp night light below, no longer functional

–now just a  nostalgic memento.

(Table-size leg lamp may be seen

in our front room window all year long.)



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