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For my own personal and professional purposes I’m interested in finding out what your favorite Shep stories are, both kid stories and army stories. Mainly those you  heard him tell on the air and in recordings from the original radio broadcasts (tapes, CDs, itunes, etc.). Stories encountered in books and magazines also count–if included, please note where you encountered them.
Please give me your list of about 4 or 5 stories in order of favorite.
If possible, please do so within a week or so, responding to 
I’ll report back on the results.
Gene B.


  1. gene says:

    The story of working on a radar transmitter along with his soung effects guggggggunggg gugggunnnggggg and encountering the swamp people, is one I recall fondly, I guess his blind date story, with his sports jacket, and lobsters coming out his ears…Uncle Carl’s beers exploding in th ebasement- and going to the Indy 500 drinking beers in the infield – aunt Min all boubon and a yard wide…they all seem to run together in my head

    • Lou Miano says:

      Just a few of my favorite Shep stories from Lou Miano

      1. Exploring abandoned house with Schwartz & Flick. They eat old chocolate “candies” from the medicine cabinet with unexpected laxative results.(Limelight broadcast, mid 1960’s)
      2. The Phantom of the Open Hearth (original uncut PBS version)
      3. Noah’s Ark discovered half buried in the ice pack on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. (WOR week night broadcast circa 1970)
      4. Ice Cream Wars – (the version he performed onstage at the Clinton Museum in NJ.)
      5. On tour with the Beatles (Limelight broadcast)


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