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Regarding knowledge and understanding of Jean Shepherd, a new addition is my forthcoming SHEP’S ARMY: Bummers, Blisters, and Boondoggles, nearly three dozen transcriptions I made of Shep’s army stories never before in print, publishing date now scheduled for August 9, 2013. It includes my long introduction giving an overview of Shep’s stories, and short introductory comments by me for each group of tales in the book. The book is organized into a chronological sequence of Shepherd’s experience of army life. At about the time of publication, I’ll be posting much more about his army stories. The foreword is by political commentator Keith Olbermann.

sheps army cover

Pre-publication cover


Also of major interest is Caseen Gaines’ new book, A CHRISTMAS STORY: Behind the Scenes of a Holiday Classic due in October 2013. The book gives extensive info about the making of the film and about the many additional offspring the film has engendered: The A Christmas Story House, tree ornaments,  table ornaments, books, plays, etc.

I wrote a long foreword to the book, focusing on  Jean Shepherd and his importance in the film’s creation. Close to the time of its publication I’ll write more about the book and what my foreword contains.

ACS.Caseen Gaines book cover

Pre-publication cover

More to come



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