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JEAN SHEPHERD and me–an obsession



During this short break you might hum to yourselves:

“Video Killed the Radio Star”


bahn frei


I’ve been especially focused on the world of Jean Shepherd since he died in October, 1999. The obit reminded me of his importance in my life. So much so that my wife is jealous. I keep most of my Shepherd-related material objects cloistered in my study, which, as it expands into adjacent areas has become known as my “Shep Shrine.” However, at her suggestion, we maintain, all year long, in one of our front windows, a small version of the infamous “leg lamp.”

small leg lamp

As  you may know, I began listening to him in the fall of 1956, and met him during a gathering of his listeners in April, 1957:


But it was in the beginning of 2000 that I began focusing my thoughts and energies on writing Excelsior, You Fathead! The Art and Enigma of Jean Shepherd.  To show you that it wasn’t all serious pen-to-paper and keyboarding, what follows are a few of my other Shep-related projects. (These images of my stuff I’ve gathered from the extraordinary postings of all things Shep on Jim Clavin’s site):


I designed a rubber stamp to brand my correspondence. See above.

I designed and made a couple of my version of Shep’s “brass figlagee with bronze oakleaf palm”:


I branded my car, sort of, with Shep’s immortal word:


I gathered my Shepherd material into my “Shep Shrine” and I never stopped writing about him, as my various publications, several book manuscripts, and this blog attest.



(For example, the next scene in my Shepherd play.)


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