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JEAN SHEPHERD & HARVEY PEKAR a graphic novel Part 2


eb face graphic

Hi, me again, E. B. B.

Here’s part two.  I managed to change all the graphics in part one and the ones that follow to a scanned, much higher resolution.  I don’t see that it makes too much difference, so I’m adding my footnotes, replicating the smaller type sizes in the graphics. [As for the double-page spreads, in part 1 I easily got them butted together, but in this part two, though there’s no space between them in the editing, they appear a bit separated  when posted. Damn!]

gnovel 2.1

Recipient of the Brass Figlagee with Bronze Oakleaf Palm


gnovel 2.2gnovel 2.3

What happened in Volume 1: I went to a comic book convention to meet graphic novelist Harvey and Joyce, both Jean Shepherd fans.  Joyce volunteered to help me locate copies of radio humorist Jean Shepherd’s earliest and presumed lost New York broadcasts–THE HOLY GRAIL for Shepherd enthusiasts.  It turned out that an old flame of Shep’s, Jeanne (Founder and President of the Count Dracula Fan Club), believed she had given the tapes to Ohio’s Kent State  University. But all may not be as we believed. Once again doubt has reared its ugly head. Jeanne now says she’s not so sure what happened to the tapes.


[The seven (count ’em carefully) small bits of type indicate where the box of tape might be.]

Kent State University Storage

under optimum archival conditions


Deaccessioned–in somebody’s basement, crumbling to dust.

In a drainage ditch in Dismal Seepage, Kentucky.

In a dark corner

of Jeanne’s closet

Eternal limbo

It’s probably roughly 15 inches by 15 inches by 30 inches, folks!

Yikes! Maybe it’s in a landfill somewhere!

Landfill somewhere


gnovel 2.4aagnovel 2.5


gnovel 2.6gnovel 2.7

Jeanne’s email–doubt’s ugly head:

Jerry has been through all the papers in his files but having discarded stuff through the years (he waits at least seven), he can find no record of when the materials were picked up buy Kent. He does, however, recall those tapes being in a different cabinet (there were a number of steel ‘closets’ chock full of films, books & etc.) and he is sure the tapes did not go to Kent.  If they were sent to Vienna along with the contents of the Dracula Museum in the late 1990s, they are now in permanent storage and there is no way to get at them….The only very slight hope would be that Jerry is wrong and the fellow who emptied out Robert’s film collection did take them to Kent.

Let me know what your friend finds out. I will be travelling extensively for the next several months but do manage to get on the computer from time to time.

All best, Jeanne

It cannot be that my box o’ priceless tapes is irretrievable locked in a vault somewhere in middle Europe–and not far (shudder) from Transylvania!


She was Jean’s friend during the “Night People” era of the priceless tapes, and she possessed them. They were in a box in a cabinet (a coffin in a tomb). She is queen of those who live by night–the Founder and President of the “The Count Dracula Fan Club and Vampire Empire.”


gnovel 2.8gnovel 2.9

When you want sumpin’ bad enough, TRUTH AND ACCURACY go down th’ drain AND THAT’S TH’ TRUTH’ And it goes for everything from seeking ARTISTIC TREASURES   to STARTIN’ A WAR–right, folks?

Do Jeanne’s Jean tapes still exist? Does Kent State or Transylvania have them!?

Check out the third issue of EXCELSIOR COMICS, you fatheads!


gnovel 2.10a

Jean Shepherd on “Night People”

“You see I worked late. I had a radio show I used to wind up about two o’clock in the morning [Actually 5:30 AM] It was then I began to know something about the night world of the–of the whole panoply of it all….I’m talking about people with that wild tossing in the soul that somehow makes them stay up till three o’clock in the morning and brood. They might get up at seven the next morning and go to work–but that isn’t what their life is about. Not a bit of it. And I began to know something about this world and be a part of it–as a matter of  fact, always have been philosophically and finally I became not only philosophically, but every other way involved  in it.”

“There’s a great body of people who flower at night, who feel night is their time. Night is the time people truly become individuals because all the familiar things are dark and done, all the restrictions on freedom are removed. Many artists work at night–it is especially conducive to creative work.”


back hi res

(For making sure we are all centered) ———->

eb 2005  c. (with an editorial assist from Raymond B. Anderson)

At this size my linework

gets real heavy, but I think

it makes me look kinda cool.


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